The Importance Of Biculturalism

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Early humans have exhibited biculturalism during the dawn of trade and cross-cultural relations between people. It is a well known notion that cultures tend to thrive in different places with the rise of migration and the continuous development of beliefs and traditions, it is inevitable for biculturalism to exist in different aspects of individuals may it be in their beliefs or in the application of their everyday lives. Biculturalism observed in individuals has lead to a notion that those who manifest biculturalism exhibit high proficiency and maximum application in practicing duality in cultures and traditions. These may be the cultures from one’s own heritage or in the region one has settled in. It is not only limited to those who have migrated but also to those offspring born from cross cultural parents and those who have adapted another culture aside from their own in respect to the influences that surround them. It is likely that those who manifest biculturalism are likely to deviate towards the heritage currently present in their society. From studies conducted, various authors have defined biculturalism differently in respects to different aspects such as psychologically, physically and cognitively. Biculturalism not only refers to acquiring multiple or dual cultures but also the sense of identity by which both cultures entail. In relation to this, biculturalism implies not only consistency in practicing both cultures but also exhibiting both as

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