The Importance Of Bilingual Education

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Introduction Bilingual education is an academic approach followed by some instructors, which is using the native language for new English learners for instructions. Within the international context, bilingual education has become a necessity due to the high number of immigration, colonialism and the great number of local languages (Yushau, B. & Bokhari, M.A, 2005). This approach in instruction has reflected back positively or negatively in many dimensions such as social, psychological, and pedagogical. However, bilingual education instruction is an effective way of teaching English as a second language, in case of well implementation it can be seen as an educational advantage. This literature covers a wide variety of opinions that revolves around a topic that researchers find it controversial, this review will highlight the major question and findings which emerge in order throughout the literature. In this literature review I will be discussing studies that are in favor, not in favor, and neutral on bilingual education. Literature Review First, in this paragraph I will be discussing studies that are in favor of bilingual education. According to a study conducted by Aqel (2006) investigated the reaction of students and instructors toward bilingual instruction method in the department of English and modern European languages at Eh university in Qatar. The findings of this study highlighted the most astute way to deliver the information in the
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