The Importance Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is stand for the variety of life at all levels of biological organization. It includes diversity with species, ecosystem and variability among living organisms from all sources. According to ‘the strategic plan on biodiversity 2011-2020’, Biodiversity is living in harmony with nature that biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used, maintaining ecosystem services, sustaining a healthy planet and delivering beneficial essential for all people. Not only biodiversity is so important, but also it affect three types of process involve the living world in ecosystem that is ecosystem biodiversity, species biodiversity and genetic biodiversity. Firstly, for ecosystem biodiversity, biodiversity act as a global role in regulation of geochemical cycles; such as fixation, storage, transfer, recycling of nutrients and water cycle. A healthy biodiversity provides a number of natural services for everyone, such as protection of water resources, soil formation and protection, nutrient storage and recycling, pollution breakdown and absorption, contribution to climate stability, maintenance of ecosystem and recovery from unpredictable events. Without them, ecosystem cannot continue and remain its own function. Secondly, for species biodiversity, it operated individually or in groups within trophic webs to influence nature and magnitude of the flow of matter and energy within the ecosystem.Over-exploitation, pollution and habitat conversion are the main threats

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