The Importance Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is important for all living organism including plants and animals. Without biodiversity, there would be no balance between organism and their environment. Biodiversity helps to maintain the balance of nature to sustain all life on earth; one species will not overpower another because of the effect of biodiversity. Not only does biodiversity maintain the balance of nature it is also used to indicate health in the aquatic community.
Dissolved-oxygen is measured in the aquatic environment to test the health of the water. Levels of dissolved oxygen fluctuate with temperature, salinity, and pressure changes. All forms of aquatic life depend on dissolved oxygen in the surface water. An organism that is found in the freshwater system such as some aquatic macroinvertebrates are widely used as bioindicators and can help with the prediction of the water quality. For example, if a Trichoptera were found in a lake that would indicate that the lake is currently experiencing high dissolved –oxygen, but if a macroinvertebrate such as Diptera was found in a lake than that would indicate that the water is experiencing low dissolved oxygen and another way to indicate that the water quality is low is through the water turbidity.
Wednesday, March 7, 2018, at approximately 2:30-3:00, on a chilly sunny day, students at the University of West Florida, ecology class section #10351 took a walk down University of West Florida campus to collect macroinvertebrates

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