The Importance Of Biodiversity In The Philippines

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I.Introduction Biodiversity is commonly defined as the variety of life and the variations within all species, including fauna and flora, as well as the multitude of ecosystems. Genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity are three major layers of biodiversity. Biodiversity is often used as a measure of healthy, functioning and sustainable ecosystems from which we can obtain food, clean air and water and many other biological resources and social benefits .However, widespread destruction caused rapid loss of biodiversity with the consequence of extinction crisis of which the rate is more than 1000 times faster than the nature rate. The Philippines is on the top of the list of “megadiverse countries” and “one of the 5 hottest biological hotspots”. It contains an important part of the diversity of south east asia.70% to 80% of worldwide fauna and flora species can be found in the country. The Philippines ranks fifth and fourth in the number of plant species and bird endemism, respectively. It is also one of the major conservation area with more than 700 endangered species, abundant multiple ecosystems and habitats. Approximately 24% of the total land area is covered by forest ecosystems; the agricultural ecosystem is also significant which makes the Philippines becomes one part of the center of rice, banana and coconut.…show more content…
As a pioneer in establishment of laws in regards to biological resources conservation, the first relevant law may date back to the beginning of last century. Now, the legislative system consists of a large number of laws and administrative guidelines which covers all the key points addressed in the Article 8 of CBD, such as protected area, threatened species, ecosystems, biological resources and traditional knowledge of indigenous people. A list of Philippines legislation on biodiversity conservation is shown in Table

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