The Importance Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is referred to variety of animal, plants and living things in a particular area. Most people defined biodiversity by species. Species is referred to a group of interbreeding organisms that do not ordinarily breed with members of other groups and give rise to fertile offspring. Biodiversity is extremely important in our daily life where biodiversity provide human with foods, oxygen and medicines. Most medical discoveries are used to cure illness and increase the life span based on the researches into plants and animal biology and genetics. Biodiversity also act as a medium for ecological services that ensure life livable on Earth. This includes everything such as control the water cycle for tropical rainforest, increase soil moisture, increase evapotranspiration and absorbing chemical. However, species are undergo extinction at an accelerate rate due to many factors. In prehistoric times, natural disasters and competition with other species were the main causes. In historic times, overexploitation and exotic species introductions have caused many extinctions. Today, the main problems facing wildlife are destruction of habitat and pollution. All of these threats have put serious impacts on the diversity of species on Earth. Biodiversity loss is driven by local, global factors and human activities, so responses are also needed at all scales. There are many ways to increase the awareness and promote the importance of biodiversity among the local people. First, one

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