Essay On Biomimetic Architecture

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Biomimetic architecture

An innovation is a new idea, more effective device or a more efficient process. In the field of architecture this term is often used for new technologies, software, designs, materials etc. In this essay there will be elaborated about a new way off designing using the qualities and characteristics of nature, this method is called biomimetic architecture. This method is part of the larger movement: biomimicry, the examination of nature, gaining inspiration in order the solve sustainable problems for human problems. The goal is to create products and processes that are well adapted to life on earth over the long haul.

The sustainable problems, considering climate changes and depletion of fossil fuels, for the next generations are enormous. The building sector represents 40% of the energy consumption of humanity. If we are able to reduce the building materials and increase the efficiency of the building process. The energy consumption can be reduced enormously. Biometric architecture can provide lots of solutions for this questions. Seeking for sustainable solutions in
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Biomimicry on the organism scale mimics a certain organism without considering how to organism adapts in her surroundings. This is certainly not sufficient for the design of a building, a building always adapts to her surroundings in a certain way. At the level of behavior the building mimics how an organism acts in the larger context. This already comes closer to the requirements of a building. On the level of ecosystem a building mimics the natural process and cycle of the greater environment. Ecosystems are dependent of sunlight, component, local conditions suitable for live etc. When designing a building it is necessary to implant these three scale levels in the design. In this way it is possible to create a building that is well adapted to life on earth over the long

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