Birth Control Practice

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Birth control practice has long existed since the old days. In the past, the ancient people had used numerous traditional methods and devices in controlling pregnancy. It was historically and archeologically proven that for thousands of years, contraceptive methods and abortion techniques have been known and widely practiced (Renzetti & Curran, 2003). Coitus interruptus which means pulling out male’s penis from female’s vagina before ejaculation is the simplest and probably the oldest contraceptive method used by the couples back then (Azis Nik Pa, 2002). However, the method is somewhat ineffective in controlling pregnancy due to lack of control during the intercourse.
Nevertheless, few centuries later, many modern and fairly effective devices
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According to Portal Rasmi Fatwa Malaysia (2016), the 8th (Muzakarah) Conference of the Fatwa Committee National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia has concluded that promoting birth control publicly is prohibited. However, such programme is permissible in individual context, provided with valid reasons. That being the case, other major Muslim jurists had laid out a few guidelines which sanction Muslims to practice birth control. For instance, if the pregnancy or childbirth can threaten the mother’s life then the married couple can resort to birth control. The justification is taken from Surah Al-Baqarah verse 195 and Surah Al-Nisa’ verse 29 (Deuraseh,…show more content…
America for example, face a great problem as a majority of American teenagers indulged in sexual activities and most of them did become pregnant (Gruber, 2001). Linnda Durre, a Ph.D in psychotherapy, says that by teaching abstinence to teens that are not sexually active is the best way to avoid such matters. This idea is also supported by a child advocate and attorney, Laurie Gray, which opposed the distribution of condoms to them as providing more knowledge about sex would inspire them into sexual activity (Grundy, 2010). This shows that the knowledge about birth control methods and devices had triggered the teens to be sexually
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