The Importance Of High Blood Pressure

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What is Blood Pressure and When Should You Start Monitoring Yours? Each time your heart beats, blood pushes out of your arteries and blood vessels to circulate in your body and that force pertains to the blood pressure that's measured in two sets of numbers. The top number refers to the systolic blood pressure, or the pressure as your heart beats while pumping blood. The bottom number is the diastolic pressure, or the pressure of the heart at rest in between beats. Normal Blood Pressure Blood pressure is indicated in millimeters of mercury or mm/Hg, where the normal reading is at 120/80 mg/Hg. A blood pressure that is slightly elevated at 121 to 139 mm/Hg over 81 to 89 mm/Hg is called prehypertension. It's normal, however, for the blood…show more content…
In the United States, one in three adults develop high blood pressure but only 54 percent make it a point to keep it under control. The problem with high blood pressure is that it doesn't manifest any symptoms and there is no cure to rid yourself of the condition completely. It could also worsen due to aging, or poor diet and lifestyle, hence medical experts call the disease as the silent…show more content…
It doesn't matter anymore if you're in your 20s or 60s. In 2015, experts learned that many young adults appear to have mild blood pressure elevations that increases the risk of heart disease by the time they reach middle age. Fortunately, it's easy to measure blood pressure using the right apparatus. You could also benefit from owning a home blood pressure monitoring device. According to Harvard cardiologist Dr. Deepak Bhatt, it's easier to manage HBP if you frequently monitor at home. How often should you check blood pressure? Ideally, you must check your blood pressure two times a day -- specifically, before you get up to start your day and before your retire for bed in the evening. Gradually, and as you learn to manage your blood pressure levels, you can monitor weekly or bi-weekly. You must be in complete rest when you’re measuring your blood pressure. You must not have also drank coffee or smoked a cigarette at least 30 minutes prior to the monitoring. Managing High Blood

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