The Importance Of Blood Transfusion

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Blood is a crucial component composed of cells and plasma that enables the body to function by transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide, defend against infections and help blood clot. Blood transfusion is a common medical procedure that replaces severe blood lost through injuries (accidents), surgery or disease. It is where whole blood or blood products like red blood cells, platelets and plasma of the donor is transferred to the recipient’s bloodstream intravenously (IV). Throughout the course of history, transfusions have played a significant role in contributing to the society, saving thousands and millions of lives every year from all around the world. This essay will analyze the application of science in blood transfusion, importance of blood transfusion to human socially, and ethical issues faced regarding transfusions. Science is applied to blood transfusions to ensure a safe blood transfer from the donor to the…show more content…
A unit of blood does so much for patients in treating various diseases or situations. Nowadays, chances of unexpected accidents and car crash are high; increased number of natural disasters is all causes to serious injuries resulting in severe loss of blood. Additionally, the lives of patients suffering from anemia (condition where the body does not have enough red blood cells) or iron deficiencies can be saved by receiving red blood cell transfusions, improving the amount of oxygen as well as replacing hemoglobin and iron levels in the process of surgeries. For patients suffering from leukemia or chemotherapy resulting in the lack of platelets, they easily get bruised or hurt themselves in a minor accident as the body prevents them to form the amount of platelets they need. As a result, regular transfusions are a significant treatment needed to stay healthy as well as reduce chances of internal bleeding, hence providing the sick a better

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