Police Responsiveness

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Truthfulness is hard to come by. By all means, when an officer wears a body camera, it can remove all doubt about the events leading up to and including an apprehension or shooting. We are so tired of listening to stories that are not true. We are so tired of listening to people lie just to stop themselves from being arrested, including having innocent lives being taken away. We should not be living in a society where we are afraid of our “defenders”. Overall, we are just so tired of being betrayed by our own people. Many policemen have been abusing the benefits they have as police officers and the majority of us are in denial about it. That is not fair whatsoever. They took the job to protect and serve not to cheat the civilians. Who are they…show more content…
In the month of August in 2015, a man was shot seconds after a police officer turned off her body camera. This man, Armand Bennett, did not display any aggressiveness. The officer stopped and demanded to know why he had a gun in his car. Bennett mentioned that he worked at Davita Dialysis as a security guard and was told to have his weapon with him while on duty. This was a reasonable explanation. However, after the officer asked him to step out of his vehicle, she pointed her gun at him and started yelling at him. I know that was very unnecessary. If he would have tried to hurt her or she feared for his life, then she may have had a motive to react as she did. She proceeded by grabbing Bennett by the hair for no reason. This caused him to panic and run. As a human being, I feel uncomfortable and worried at the fact that this woman used unnecessary violence. It is wrong. Ask yourself, why are the police officers abusing their power? Why do they believe that they are an exception to the rule? We are all equal, they are not any different from us. If we are going to be kept in check, then policemen should be kept in check as well. It’s fair enough. They say we are all equal, but now that I 've realized it, we are far from equal and that should have been changed a long time
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