The Importance Of Body Image Dissatisfaction

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Nowadays, we live in the world where people being categorized based on their social status, academic background or wealth. Segregation process that takes place in our society start to develop new problems like discrimination. Because of this, it affects our social interaction with each other. As our society become more judgmental, physical appearance is one of the first individual characteristics that represent an individual and it influences our social interaction many ways. Common beliefs that individual with good physical appearance will have better personality and good social skill are one of the examples for halo effect proposed by Thorndike. Halo effect refer to phenomenon where people make unconscious assumption about another individual based on an attribute of the individual either positive or negative (Summers, 2016). In order to fulfill others expectation on us, we will always pinpoint our weakness making us feel dissatisfied with our body and self in general. Body image dissatisfaction researcher had carried out various study to have better understanding about the implication of body image dissatisfaction to an individual. Most of the research about body image dissatisfaction in the past will primarily focus on female (Clay, Vignoles and Dittmar, 2005; Latha et al., 2006; Khor et al., 2009). However, study of body dissatisfaction among male start to emerged as male awareness about their body image increasing from time to time due to social pressure they received
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