The Importance Of Bone

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Bone is made up of collagen, calcium phosphate, protein and calcium carbonate. There were combinations between collagen and calcium that give strength and flexibility to the bone. Bone is strong because it consists of calcium and have the ability to withstand a stress from break as there is collagen present in the bone. Spongy bone of the spine is most vulnerable because osteoporosis always affect the entire skeleton. Mineral also is present in the bone in order to give additional strength to the bone that involve in the hardened the framework whereas protein give a flexible framework to the bone. Besides, there three types of cell that compose in the bone, which is osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocyte. A different type of bone that have a different type of tissue which can be found inside the human body. Osteoblast involve in the dynamic of the skeleton in which, constantly involve in secrete protein and transport mineral into the matrix whereas osteoclasts is important in the functioning of the skeleton and osteoclasts involve in the breakdown of the tissue.…show more content…
Spongy bone can be found throughout the human body and it’s always in virtual for every ends of long bone, short bone and circular bone, meanwhile compact bone has a spongy like appearance with numerous large space. About 80% of the human body is made from compact bone and it’s usually located in the marrow space of a bone. Moreover, spongy bone is lighter, less dense when compared to the compact bone. Mainly the function of spongy bone is act as shock absorbers so that it can reduce high volume of impact experienced by humans while compact bone is acting as support the entire overall body structure and protect cancellous bone which contain bone

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