Books And Novels Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Ever since mankind could write, many books and novels have been written, but what do we use them for? A decreasing amount of students are reading books and novels. In many schools we often read a part of a book, and analyze it. Is this the correct way to use literature or should the school system change? Students often read, because they have to, not necessarily because they want to. Is this the correct way to make students read? Phillip Pullman writes that books and novels are written, “to be enjoyed and add to the joy of life or to help children get through a sticky patch”. I think he means that students should read books and novels for fun or to get through obstacles they meet in their life. Books can often have a good moral to them and be good guidance in your life, but at the same time be fun to read. I feel he also means that schools destroy the essence of why authors write books and novels. They do not write them, so that students should check the grammar, or read a little part of it, instead of enjoying it. That does not mean that it should be no grammar lessons at school, just that there should be a variation and that both things are equally important. I personally have read many books, and like to read. I have read children´s books, and books that are suitable for an older age. I have read both…show more content…
The book is a very enjoyable and easily read. I think it can be suitable for all age groups, but children mostly. This book shows that hope is very important. You should never lose hope, even during the roughest of times. When nothing goes right, and he feels like everything goes against him and he feels like there is no hope left, that is when everything changes for Charlie. Jesus Christ also tells us to never lose hope in him. He can look invisible, but when you need him the most he will be there. Keep on going and never give up. Like Monty Python said, “Always look on the bright side of
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