The Importance Of Books In Literature

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and she is very much right, selecting a book that students would enjoy. As mentioned above, dusty, old and not so interesting moralizing stories may not be the best choice for the technologized student of today. The teacher should rather go instead for the new, acclaimed, very popular books that even children who do not read on a regular basis have already heard of. Many of these successful books have been turned into nice movies and students may recognize a character or a plot only after seeing the film. Also, hugely popular characters like Harry Potter or Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit will certainly raise the attention of young students. After selecting the suitable children literature to bring to the EFL class, teachers should also pay attention…show more content…
Each and every child has his or her own view of a given book and using that book in the EFL classroom may bring about as many representations and ways of understanding the story and its characters. Reading aloud to young students the story of Charlotte, the smart spider which saves the life of her friend the pig in E.B.White's classical book 'Charlotte's Web' will create as many different mental images as there are students in the book; asked to draw what they have imagined from the book, they will produce as many different pictures or drawings as they are; it is in fact all the images of all the children in the world upon a certain character that gives it life and force. Charlotte the spider is the sum of all these images that have emerged throughout years and years in the minds of generations of children. There lies the beauty and richness of literature. The visual representations of children books, such as images, pictures, cartoons, movies for television or the big screen, animated cartoons and anything else there might be out there are but a single representation of the story and its characters. Obviously, these visual representations may be brilliant and they are very helpful, as what would a children's book be without its pictures, especially those adaptations for very young ages? Who could imagine 'The very hungry caterpillar' without the nice drawings of Eric Carle or Roald Dahl's beautiful books without the master's touch of Quentin Blake? However, once a child has seen the illustrations or the film adaptation of the book, he or she will forever see the favorite character as such, or at least be influenced by that singular vision. This is one of the reasons story-telling is such a wonderful technique, stirring

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