The Importance Of Border Security In The United States

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Ninety percent of drugs are brought from Mexico. Without stronger border security the overflow of drugs would take over the U.S. That is not the only reason immigrants sneak into the U.S; people argue that most of the time immigrants come for their own safety. There are many more reasons people come to the U.S and there are many more reasons why they should not. There are 32,658 deaths per year due to Terrorism worldwide. These terrorist come from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. These are also the places refugees are coming from. The refugees may seem normal, looking for help, then the U.S can be gullible and fall for the terrorist tricks and next thing you know Americans can be dead due to an attack. Terrorism isn 't the only issue refugees can bring into the U.S.…show more content…
100 billion dollars per year is made from drugs and 40 billion and made in the U.S. Without stronger border security the U.S is going to be the main trading grounds for drugs. Diseases are also an issue with incoming refugees and are troubling to the U.S citizens that do not have strong immune systems. I think that the U.S needs to increase their border security because our border security is already at some difficulty to come into the U.S and nothing but bad things have immigrants brought into the U.S. As explained before Drugs, Diseases, and the safety from even crossing the border is not safe. Imagine the little kids found dead just because their family wanted to come into the U.S. Death is not worth it in my perspective and I think they should just come the right way and do the process to reach the requirements to come into the

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