The Importance Of Boxing In Sports

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Boxing has become one of the most popularized sports in the United States following football and basketball. Like other sports, children are drawn to the adrenaline rush that boxing gives them. Many legendary boxers, like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard, began boxing in their childhood before moving up to the big stage. It’s a contact sport in which two individuals enter a ring and try to land the cleanest punches on each other. But there has been a lot of controversy regarding children participating in boxing. Some believe that children could sustain very serious head injuries, and that the sport could direct kids to become more aggressive. But, the opposition does not consider that boxing can become an outlet for troubled kids, and can actually be safer than other sports. It is well documented that boxers are prone to many injuries, but more specifically head injuries. Children are more fragile than adults, and it’s because they’re still underdeveloped. Their bones have not grown to their full strength and capacity. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians article “Boxing Participation by Children and Adolescents”, “[c]oncussions are particularly…show more content…
Many associate boxing to street fighting because the whole point is to hurt the person in front of you and win. This idea has led some to think that boxing will actually drive children to hurt others. Additionally, the gore of boxing can make children believe that fighting outside the boxing gym is okay to do. Participating in boxing will allow kids to learn to become dangerous, and they could use the techniques they learn in the gym against other children who don 't know how to defend themselves. Boxing could aid in creating bullies instead of team players. Other sports like football and basketball teach children about the importance of teamwork, but it is thought that boxing instead teaches kids about hurting
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