What´s Brain Injury Or Brain Disease?

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The brain is the structure that controls every thought and action, without it, reasoning, moving, dreaming, memorizing information and every other function would be impossible (Myers, 2013). By studying about brain injury and brain disease, we can further understand how brain injury and disease damage the various parts of the brain, which are responsible for the normal functioning of our bodies. This explains how important the brain is, as it helps us perform daily activities (Treves & Rolls, 1998).The brain is a complex structure, divided into many parts and each part serves a particular function. The main structures of the brain are the brainstem, cerebellum and cerebrum which consists of the lobes. The brainstem is responsible for breathing and heart rate. The cerebellum is responsible for proper motor abilities and posture.The lobes are: the frontal lobes, parietal lobes, occipital lobes & temporal lobes. Different functions require the working of different lobes ( Myers, 2013).

Injury to the brain may affect the functioning of these parts and lobes of the brain. Traumatic brain injury occurs due to an external impact which may be caused by automobile accidents, playing sports such as football, hockey, ice skating ( Bodack, 2010). TBI
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Parkinson's disease also affects individuals in their advanced years. It occurs because of the expiration of dopamine related neurons. Due to the expiration of dopamine related neurons, Various difficulties evolve for individuals with Parkinson's disease, these may be motor and non- motor. The motor complications hinder the ability of muscles to relax. Thus, the individual will have difficulty in performing simple tasks. Other motor symptoms include uncontrolled shaking of hands, feet and slow, unstable movement. The non- motor symptoms consist of complications of the autonomic nervous system, sleep and cognitive disorders (Yacoubian & Standaert, 2009, p.

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