Reflection Paper On Plasticity

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I believe that if I understand what the brain is doing, I can see how I've been in the past, how I am now, and how I will be doing in the future. In Chapter 2, I noticed the plasticity of the brain. As the word plasticity itself is unfamiliar, I needed to know where this term originated. Physically, plasticity is a property that can not be restored to its original state when an object is deformed by a given force from the outside. However, in psychology and brain science, it is used as a term to describe changes in brain function and structure caused by external stimuli and environmental changes. I understood that changing the shape of the neural network according to the information transmitted through the sensory nerve is plasticity because…show more content…
The primary responsibility for drug addiction can be with self, but the ingredients contained in each drug cannot be relieved by the will of the individual. This case happened in my hometown. A celebrity was arrested on charges of using methamphetamine. He told the public that this would not happen again and was due to curiosity, but later he was convicted because of taking the same drug abuse and was handed over to jail. He did not overcome the criticism of the massive public and the side effects of substance abuse and eventually committed suicide. He was a talented actor, a father with a wife and a child. What led him to unhappiness? I was curious as to why someone was on drugs until they could endanger their family, friends, work, health, and everything. Drugs are said to cause significant changes in neurons and synaptic functions, making the brain's plasticity false. The plasticity was said to be the change of function and structure caused by the change of environment. I think the reason why I can not stop the drug is that the plasticity of the brain causes the addicts to get the desire to get medicine again. It is not easy for drug addicts to be cured by themselves on their own, just as a controlled will is needed to change the plasticity of the brain. I have been told that our bodies are out of their current habits and difficult to settle into new habits. In other words, it means that the
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