The Importance Of Brand Equity And Customer Value

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Brand equity and customer value

The importance of the brand equity has always been emphasized worldwide. The value of the brand also call brand equity. Prasad and Dev (2000) said that brand equity is the method that let the consumer recognize the differentiation between you and others. From the one of the customer value, which is customer experience to determine the quality of a brand. Gala (1994) proposes that the only way to keep the company outstanding is to put the customer value into the competitive strategy.

Taiwan’s motel had been an innovation business in the hospitality market. Due to the market share motel is the reason that Taiwan’s hospitality market can still be competitive and outstanding. It also becomes
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By use the case study to examine the Keller (1993) and Aaker (1996)brand equity theory the evidence might come out to be the model of brand equity that consent to customer value of the Motel market in Taiwan.

Through the deeper understanding of the brand equity and customer value that its thesis strives to examine what is the impact between brand equity and customer value.
• How can the impact of brand equity be affective to customer value?
• What are the customer perceptions of the brand value?
• How can Taiwan’s motel utilize and implement the brand equity in order to meet the customer value?
In order to answer the research question in the proper manner that can prove the development of Motel in Taiwan.

The aim of the paper will be to investigate the impact of brand equity and customer values in Taiwan’s Motel.
Below will be the objective of the research:
Using the literature review to find out the differential effect of brand equity.
To explore the current situation regarding differential effects of brand equity on customer value (Brand awareness, perceived quality, brand image)
To establish the most effective customer value regarding brand equity (Enjoyment, price, room facility, whole experience, privacy
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It can be conclude to the customer’s knowledge is base on the brand awareness and brand image and the customer response are base on the perception performance and behavior.

Both of Aaker and Keller’s theoretical orientation is base on the psychology, they pointed out that brand image would effectively reduce the risk perception of the service itself, by giving the customer the trust and the perception of the quality, affect the customers' buying intentions.

Lassar et al.(1995) Five perceptual dimension of brand equity includes performance, social image, value, trustworthiness and attachment. Within the brand equity model the trustworthiness as an important attribute in assets the strengths of a brand. Consumer confidence is defined as the trustworthiness of companies and enterprises to communicate, and the company would be interested in whether the behavior of consumers. Consumers placed their trust in the high value as one of the brand equity.

Swait et al (1993) said that the consumer’s implicit valuation of a brand in the market with differentiated brands, which are relative to the market with no brand differentiation. Brand’s act is like a signal or cue, which shows the nature of product, service quality, reliability and also the image or

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