The Importance Of Brand Equity

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Brand equity is defined as an intangible asset of included value built from four noteworthy parts i.e. brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand quality and brand associations (Aaker 1996). According to Ferrel and Hartline (2008) brand awareness and brand loyalty tend to upgrade consumers ' familiarity with the brand as recognized brands are approached all the more frequently by consumers. Brand quality relates to the risks perceived in making buy decision. Brand associations allude to brand image, functional benefits, and attributes. In addition, according to Aaker brand association is a branch of brand identity where identity alludes to 'what the organization needs the brand to remain for in client 's mind ' (1996). Brand association assumes an important part in defining brand equity, as associations build client based brand equity. According to Lassar, Mittal and Sharma (1995) client based brand equity is the driving power for incremental financial gains to the firm. At the point when a brand is identifiable it postures positive client based brand equity; in this way, if marketing activity of a brand doesn 't get a handle on reaction in an ideal way, negativity exists (Kotler and Keller, 2009). Besides, Lassar, Mittal and Sharma (1995) suggest identification and attachment additionally assume a part in enhancing client based brand equity, as identifying with a particular brand involves associating with them through emotional attachment. So as to avoid negative brand

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