The Importance Of Brand Experience

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A brand can be person, place, firm, or organization. AMA defines a brand as a “distinguishing symbol, name, logo ,mascot, term, sign, or design ,or a combination of them,projected to identify and differentiate the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers from those of competition. Some brands create competitive advantages with product performance. Branding is vital to make any organization successful. Stakeholders must understand how to create a strategic and effective branding as word of mouth and firsthand experience have more of an effect on user love than celebrity endorsements and well-toned advertisements. Brand Experience Consumers experiences are of utmost importance to marketing practitioners for developing marketing strategies…show more content…
2005; Boulding et al. 1993; Jones 1999; Ofir and Simonson 2007).Brand Experience also occur when a customer enters a store and interacts with its physical environment, its personnel and the store’s policies and practices (Hui and Bateson 1991; Kerin, Jain, and Howard 2002). These experiences affect customers’ feelings, brand attitudes, and satisfaction (Grace and O’Cass 2004).Consumption and use of product or a service also leads to an experience. Such an experience can be multidimensional and may include hedonic dimensions, such as feelings, imagining pleasant situation ,enjoyment and amusement (Holbrook and Hirschman 1982). Researches have identified may such hedonic goals occurring before and after consumption (Arnould and Price 1993; Celsi, Rose, and Leigh 1993; Holt 1995; Joy and Sherry 2003). These experiences are utilitarian product attributes. Apart from these, a consumer also experiences various specific brand-related stimuli, like design (Mandel and Johnson 2002), colour (Bellizzi and Hite 1992; Gorn et al. 1997; Meyers-Levy and Peracchio 1995), shapes (Veryzer and Hutchinson 1998) and slogans (Keller 1987).Such Brand related stimuli are referred to as Brand Experience. Brand Experience may be positive or negative, may occur spontaneously and short lived or deliberately and for a long time duration. Their strength and intensity may vary and when stored in a consumer’s memory; definitely…show more content…
Loyalty is one strategy that can be used to reduce perceived risk. While buying a product , a consumer assesses how well the attributes provided by different alternatives will satisfy their needs. When he perceives one brand to be higher in quality or need fulfilling than others, there exist a perceived brand difference (Van Trijp et al., 1996).This difference form a preference for a brand offering unique attributes and this preference generate Brand Loyalty (Dick and Basu, 1994; Muncy,

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