The Importance Of Brand Image

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2.2 Introduction of Brand Image Currently, most scholars and researchers acknowledge the importance of stressing brand image, as the results of almost all products have the brand, and all corporations try to maintain and improve their brand reputation (Wijaya, 2013). Actually, brand image plays a significant role in the evolution of a brand as the brand reputation and reliability can be strongly affected by brand image which later acts as “guideline” for customers to try or use the products or services and then obtaining a special experience (brand experience), meanwhile this kind of experience will determine whether the consumer will be loyal to the brand or switch to competitors’ brand easily (Wijaya, 2013). In addition, Keller (1993) concluded…show more content…
According to Park et al. (1986), brand image can be categorized into three dimensions: symbolic benefits, experiential benefits, and functional benefits. Keller (1993) further expands this notion to explain that the functional benefit related to a practical or technical advantage that consumers acquired by using the product or service. Moreover, the experiential benefit is one designed to fulfill consumers’ desires when they buying or using a specific product or service, while the symbolic benefit is the profits acquired by consumers, because it related to their underlying demands for personal performance, role position, self-enhancement and so…show more content…
Brand loyalty reflects as customers’ preference to purchase a specific brand in a product category, which occurs because customers think that the brand provides good product functions, images and high level of quality at a suitable price (Mao, 2010). The long-held belief that consumers loyal to a particular brand will increases not only the ongoing sales, but also more profitable sales. Given the establishing and keeping loyal consumers has become increasingly difficult in today’s competitive environment, the majority of businesses are realizing the demands to develop and maintain brand loyalty to enhance their sales volume, to get premium price, to retain their customers rather than seek and then ensure long-run profitability (Gordon, et al., 2004). Actually, Giddens (2010) categorized three reasons to further explain the importance of brand loyalty. Firstly, reduce the marketing costs (like advertising, distribution), as the business not need to incur customer acquisition costs especially in service markets. It is often considerably less costly to keep existing customers rather than attract new consumers (Aaker, 1991). Secondly, enhance premium pricing ability, as loyal customers are typically less price sensitive (Reichheld, 1996). Generally, consumers who loyal to a brand are willing

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