The Importance Of Bread In Chilean Culture

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“… the bread comes to be the measure of everything related to the business of living, it is a measure both material and mysterious; it measures scarcity and prosperity, the happiness and sorrow of humanity... appetite for bread unifies human beings as much as breathing and our flowing blood”, says the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral in her book Elogio de las cosas de la tierra about the fundamental importance of bread in Chilean culture, economics, and diet (cited by Montecino Aguirre, 2004: 19). Indeed, Chileans love bread. They consume around 100 kilograms of bread per capita, yearly. Chile is among the three countries that eat the most bread in the world, second behind France. Chicken and beer are also important on Chilean table. Although Chile has 8,000 kilometers of coastline and a rich variety of seafood, the average consumption of fish is only around 13 kilograms per capita, yearly, and chicken is the most important meat in Chileans’ diet. Every Chilean eats on average more than 35 kilograms of chicken per year. The beverage Chileans consume the most is beer, although it is a worldwide producer of wines, embedded in cultural and traditional roots, as Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda, portrays in his Oda al vino: “Master on a table,/when one speaks,/a smart wine bottle light./ Drink it,/ remember in each drop of gold/ or glass of Topaz/ or purple spoon/ that it worked the fall/ to fill wine vessels/ and learn the dark man,/ in the ceremonial of its business,/ to

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