Bread Of The Dead Analysis

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What exactly is our food and nutrition? Nutrition is a vital necessity for man. At the present time, there is a noticeable increase in the understanding that food has a significant influence on a person. It gives energy, strength, development, and with proper use of it - and health. Food can often be the main source of most diseases, but with its help you can also get rid of many health problems. To ensure healthy nutrition, we must take into account the biological needs of the body, not dependent on our will. However, very often the choice of food is based on our preferences and the influence of the culture in which we grew up, and this essay will discuss the cultural significance of the bread for dead (pan de muerto) and the reasons for this…show more content…
Bread of the Dead is a special type of bread baked in Mexico and is particular for the cultural Day of the Dead. It is an indispensable attribute in the rituals of the ascension of honors to the dead. Pan de Muerto is baked in round loaves with stripes of dough on top (resembling bones in shape) and usually sprinkled with sugar, and often the bread pellet symbolizes the skull. There are many different options for the flavour of the bread of the dead. The most common recipe is from the center of Mexico, where the dough is made from wheat flour, yeast, butter, sugar, eggs and milk (Stradley, 2017). Essences are added very often, for example, vanilla or orange. Bread is decorated with grave symbols in the form of crosses, coffins, skulls and human bones from pink sugar, and it is considered a great luck to eat exactly that piece of bread where the skull symbol stands. The bones on the bread mean one of those you lost, also the bread is decorated with drops of dough in the form of tears, these are the tears of the goddess Chimalma in honor of the living people whom she blesses. Chimalma is the goddess of the Aztecs, the goddess of rebirth, life and death. Bones located in a circle mean a cycle of life. According to another version, the bones laid out by the cross are indicated by the four directions of the universe, as well as…show more content…
2016). Several years ago I have visited my best friend during the period of the festival of Dia del Muerto, and have witnessed and participated by myself in the celebration. My best friend’s family was especially giving honor to their passed away grandmother, and it was a very special and important event for all of us. I have known my best friend Diana for my whole life, and have very closely learned a lot about her Mexican culture, as well as traditions and events, and this has influenced me and my preferences a lot as well, bringing lots of love and admiration to the Mexican culture and food. Visiting Mexico constantly throughout my lifetime since I was a baby and spending couples of summers with her and family made me almost “Mexican” myself, and since then I have tightly associated myself with their culture. This has been a sociological factor that has been influencing my food choice (Shepherd & Raats,
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