Break The Law Essay

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As a member of society, there will be times where we would need to break the law in an important occasion. The laws were made for our society to be safe and they also serve as a protection of an individual’s rights. Laws prevent people from getting hurt or getting into situations they might regret later in their lives. But there will be scenarios where we would need to break the law for our protection, protection of our family, or in a state of an emergency. Breaking the law would be acceptable if lives are in danger or to prevent an even more serious law being made. When breaking a law, individually, we could get in trouble with the police since laws were made to protect others and ourselves. But in some necessary occasions we would need to…show more content…
She grew up in the South where there was strong segregation in which there were separate rules for blacks and whites. She broke this law by not giving her seat to the white people. The bus driver called the police and Rosa Parks was arrested. The African-American community of the town decided to create a boycott of the buses to try to change the law. The rest of the civil rights movement started from this boycott and now she is known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. She was tired of being treated differently so she decided to break the law so she could be treated equally. This inspired people and associations to protest and to try to put a stop to these laws. Some people break the law by stealing so they can provide food, clothing, or shelter to themselves or for their family. They might not have jobs and maybe they can’t get one so the only option for them is to steal from the back of restaurants, people, or even from stores so they could be able to protect their families and be able to feed them. Breaking the law is no good for no one since it has consequences but there will be times in which we should break the law to be able to protect someone or ourselves. Breaking the law might cause even more trouble but saving someone is way better than not saving a human
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