The Importance Of Breaking The Law

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As a member of society, there will be times where we would need to break the law in an important occasion. The laws were made for our society to be safe and they also serve as a protection of an individual’s rights. Laws prevent people from getting hurt or getting into situations they might regret later in their lives. But there will be scenarios where we would need to break the law for our protection, protection of our family, or in a state of an emergency. Breaking the law would be acceptable if lives are in danger or to prevent an even more serious law being made.
When breaking a law, individually, we could get in trouble with the police since laws were made to protect others and ourselves. But in some necessary occasions we would need to violate a law. For example breaking the law by speeding. We could get into an accident and hurt others. But in severe positions we will need to speed to get somewhere important. For instance a husband rushing to the hospital because his wife is about to go into labor or someone that’s hurt really badly and the ambulance is taking too long, they would need to rush him into the hospital and in both situations they will not care about the speed limit. Other important example might be that a student is late to a class or they have an important appointment. Other important law is using the cell phone while driving. This can also cause a major accident and hurting other innocent people. But in other occasions you will need to use the cell
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