Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Breathing In Yoga

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Yoga 1 has been a wonderful experience for me, I came into the class not knowing much about the subject or practicing it very much. However, one of the major reasons why I enrolled in this course was to improve my breathing. Often, I find myself feeling as if I am not breathing enough or even that I am not breathing deep enough, this applies to when I am exercising or going about my daily life. Taking in deep breaths makes an individual feel calmer and less stressed. Also, “each breath that you inhale and exhale is a reminder of the continuous conversation taking place between your physical body and your environment” (Chopra et al. 15). Breathing is referred to pranayama in yoga, it has an importance in the practice of yoga, it has an effect…show more content…
A significant point worth mention is that “your breathing supports every experience you have from the time of your first inhalation to that of your last exhalation” (Chopra et al. 99). Breathing is something you will always do until the day that you do not, meaning death. I find that when I breath nice clam breaths, I have more fun and relaxing experiences in life as opposed to when I take shallow quick breaths or hold my breath I have stressful and rushed experiences. One of the direct importance of breathing in yoga is that when you breathe into your poses, it opens you up and creates less strain on your body. Also, “your breathing is a continuous testimony to the Law of Giving and Receiving” (Chopra et al. 103). When I think of the Law of Giving and Receiving when it comes to breathing, I think of inhaling positive vibes or feelings and exhaling the negative ones and eventually with the continuation of this an individual will be breathing out positive vibes and feelings into the world. The Law of Giving and Receiving is also about when giving people gifts, give them because you want to and not have the expectation of receiving one back. It is truly freely

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