The Importance Of Brick And Mortar Education

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Educator John Dewey wrote, all genuine learning comes through experience.” And that education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” John Dewey believed that learning through doing was the best approach to education. So, what does that mean? That means people are learning more through experiences. Showing that students have to be in a physical building in order to experience new things. Therefore, I am for students pursuing a brick and mortar education. Brick and Mortar refers to a physical presence of an organization, or business in a building, or other structure. Such as, stores, restaurants, museums and schools. Where as online education is when you are able to use the internet and a computer to do your coursework. To begin with, students should pursue a brick and mortar education, because of the bonding experience with students and teachers. Ever wondered why long distance relationships don’t always work out? The same reasons for online education. They are far, hard to reach, and harder to know the person. That’s why couples meet each other in person, to know the person better. Getting to know a person in person gains a healthy relationship, and teachers agree. According to the article “The Trouble With Online Education by Mark Edmundson” a teacher states, “ with every class we teach, we need to learn who the people in front of us are.” Additionally, it states, “we need to know where they are intellectually, who they are as people and what can we can

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