The Importance Of Broadcast Journalism

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2.3 Importance of Broadcast Journalism

When the internet entered into our lives, and with the birth of social media, most people started to follow the news from the news portals, blogs, social media, etc... Nonetheless, although every technological development in mass media reduced the efficiency of the previous one, television’s importance have not been diminished.

According to McQuail “Television is still probably the single most potent influence in the accelerating media globalization process, partly because, as with the cinema film, its visual character helps it to pass barriers of language”(2005:247). In so much so that, people got the opportunity to participate in any television program and are able to leave comments through Facebook and Twitter while they are watching TV. Therefore it can be said that television and internet has started to interact with each other.

Even so, regardless of being faster and have more freedom, internet journalism was not able to replace the television journalism, which has always protected its importance of being more credible than the internet. Not to mention, through television, the audience can both visually see and hear the broadcasting news, which makes communication more powerful and more credible.

According to McLuhan, television (2005:125) describes a feeling system of a person... through television one not only experience vision, also one gains the ability to actively participate. We gain the sense of “you
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