The Importance Of Broadcast Media In Ireland

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Broadcast media is regulated in Ireland through. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) regulates broadcasting media in Ireland. Broadcasting Mediums such as television, radio, newspapers and film are licenced and regulated through the BAI. The public service broadcaster of Ireland Radio Teilifis Eireann (RTE) follows the legal requirements and regulations put in place by the BAI. In Ireland, broadcast media is regulated predominantly through RTE. Broadcast media is also self-regulated by people in Ireland. Broadcast media is regulated in Ireland to prevent the exposure of unsuitable or violent natured material affecting the profile of the audience. The child audience is a major factor for the regulation of broadcast media in Ireland.…show more content…
Individuals ultimately decide the broadcast media they choose to consume. Broadcast media consumption such as the radio playing on public transport is passive consumption and is typically not self-regulated. However the primary consumption of broadcast media is self-regulated in the home. The radio channel, television channel or newspaper read, is personally chosen by the individual themselves. The genre or content of the broadcast media consumed by a person is also chosen by the individual. The amount of time a person spends consuming broadcast media is entirely regulated by the individual. “Regulation embodies assumptions about media violence having effects, but unequally, with reference to audience profile and medium’’ Burton, (2005) p.119. The adult audience profile self-regulates the content of broadcast media. Broadcast media may have effects on other profiles such as the adolescent profile, such as aggression or violent behaviour displayed by teenagers accessing violent mediums. However it is the adult’s duty to control the broadcast mediums in a…show more content…
The BAI regulate and provide the legal requirements by law, finance, professional practices and pubic responsibility. RTE control the content provided to the people of Ireland. One could say broadcast media is ultimately self-regulated. Parents can regulate the mainstream of media their children are exposed to on a daily basis to protect their emotional development. The regulation of broadcast media starts in the home. Broadcast media is regulated in Ireland to ensure children, teenagers, adults and the elderly are not exposed to mediums they would personally deem indecent or distasteful. Broadcast media is meaningfully regulated in Ireland integrate with social understanding of the country’s morals, values and

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