The Importance Of Broken Family

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The Philippines is a country known for its various cultures, hospitality, and it’s priority for family. Though we are mostly known for prioritizing the family above others, the Philippines is becoming more modern and this trait that we are most known for is slowly disappearing. The number of broken families is rising every year and a lot of people are already coming to accept this phenomenon as a cliche matter. What people do about this is having the couple go to a marriage councilor and try to express their problems and look for solutions. Another thing that couples do is ask the help of other friends and family members and let them be the bridge between them. The best way to lessen the growing number of broken families is to promote stoicism. When you and your partner quarrel feel like they don’t want to live with each other probably the first thing that people suggest you to do is to go to a marriage councilor. According to Meyer Cathy(2014), what marriage counselors do during sessions is asking you…show more content…
With this solution the chain that leads to fighting which is that one party does something and the other nags and accuses and the other party retaliates thus flaming a fight. When all parties accept one another for who they are the chain will be broken since no one will nag and accuse the other and no one will retaliate. With this there will be peace among the members of the family thus avoiding breakups. I strongly suggest stoicism especially when there is an ongoing issue between you and your spouse to avoid adding more problems to the issue. If you think that opening your concerns and suggestions to improve to your partner, stoicism will save you from another fight. When all seems hopeless, the only and best possible solution is to practice
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