The Importance Of Budget Cuts In Schools

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Budget Cuts Philomath Middle School and High School are making budget cuts. To help save money, the school board has proposed three ideas. The first idea is to cut all P.E. and Health programs. The second idea is to put soda machines and vending machines full of junk food in the school hallways. the last idea is to build a McDonald’s between the middle and high schools, having 10% of proceeds going to both schools. Although these ideas will help “raise” and “save” money, they are terrible. I disagree with the idea of cutting P.E. and Health classes. Cutting P.E. would mean going through the troubles of dealing with P.E. loving students. Cutting Health would have students 6th through 12th grade not be well educated about bullying, teamwork, or the body systems. Cutting these would save money because you wouldn't need to buy school equipment or pay the teachers but firing those teachers means that they are out of good paying jobs.…show more content…
I think this because eating junk food and drinking soda is bad for you. Not only will it make you fat, but after consuming large amounts of sugar you’ll go on a sugar high, then you’ll go on a major sugar crash afterwards. 1 The rate of obesity has doubled for kids and 2 and tripled for adolescents. I, personally, would prefer apple slices and peanut butter for snack. Building a McDonald’s between the middle and high school would cost money not save it, even though 10% of proceeds will go to both schools. 3 1 in 3 Americans eat fast food daily, if all schools served McDonald’s that rate would raise to 3 in 4 Americans, and 4 40% of American meals are fast food already. McDonald’s food is filled with fats and calories, if we ate it everyday our bodies would go on overload because 5 girls recommended calorie intake is 2,000 calories per day and 6 boys are to take in 2,500 calories per

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