How To Build A Strong Empire Essay

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Building a Strong Empire Throughout centuries, time has shown that building strong empires can be a strenuous task. Many different and unique elements go into creating a powerful and lasting people. Somethings that work for one civilization may not work for the next. There are many factors that can change the outcome for different groups of people. All of these things considered, the most constant keys to building a strong empire are creating unity between citizens and government, creating unity in the land a civilization occupies and by having a unified religion and language.When these tools are implemented, civilizations have strong chances of leaving a lasting impact in history. The first and arguably most important key to building a strong empire is unity between citizens and government. Time has shown that when rulers have a negative relationship with their people, conflict arises. People often begin to resent their leaders when they lead…show more content…
In early civilizations, depending on the amount of land that was possessed, there would often be a disconnect of information between different villages and cities. For example, if an invasion occurred in one of the civilization’s small villages, the central government wouldn't get news until weeks sometimes months later. Likewise, if the central government decided to declare war with another civilization, the smaller villages had no way of knowing until the mail, carried on foot, arrived to their town. To combat this issue, the Incan government , following the form of the Moche civilization, began to build roads to connect their civilization. This allowed armies and news to move rapidly throughout the empire making for an overall more unified civilization. This geographic connectivity contributes to why the Incan civilization is so well known in history and why so many civilizations after them follow the same
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