The Importance Of Bullying In Dearborn Public Schools

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Be nice to each other. A simple phrase that seems to be difficult for people to do, more so with this newer generation of students. It’s ironic, more people receive rights today then they did 50 years ago, but more and more kids are going home feeling bullied. While we may be more aware and accepting of differences, kids now are also more sensitive; not as thick skinned. It is unclear if the problem is more people are getting bullied now then ever before or if more people are offended constantly by anything that is different.

Bullying is any unwanted, aggressive behavior among school age (although it can happen with adults too) children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human
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It is defined as any written, verbal, or physical act or electronic communication that is intended or that a reasonable person would know is likely to harm one or more students either directly or indirectly by: substantially interfering with educational opportunities, affecting participation in programs or activities by placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm or emotional distress, having an actual or substantial detrimental effect on a student’s physical or mental health, or causing substantial disruption with the orderly operation of the school. (Dearborn Public Schools, 2012) Typically, 12-18% of a school population has students that are bullied, made fun of, or teased. Nowadays, bullying is not always face-to-face. With technology on the rise there is a new problem, cyber bullying. These bullies can hide behind a computer, which helps them feel more anonymous. Cyber bulling is harder to control, more people can se the messages or posts, and it can happen 24/7, there is no break from…show more content…
This program requires staff to participate in annual anti-bullying professional development on how to prevent, identify, respond to and report bullying behavior. There is also an anti- bullying training for parents, a system that tracks incidents of bullying behavior, and there are three anti-bullying events each year. Since the initiation of the program, a new bullying policy was set up. The Dearborn school district must provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for all its students. The policy regarding bullying applies to all activities on school property and to all school sponsored activities whether on or off school property. (Dearborn Public Schools,
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