Bullying In Modern Day Society

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TEEN ACTIVIST Many people have a hard time fitting in whether it is at work or at school. This is what appears to happen in modern day society. Bullying makes someone feel awful or intimidate them, yet people try to stop it. Here are some people who try to make a difference about it. Molly Burke was one of the many people that wasn’t treated fairly. She was once normal like everyone else but she wasn’t. She got a disease called Retinitis. Retinitis is when little by little her world gets darker until she can’t see. First it is normal vision, then it gets to become black and white until it is dark. She started realizing how she was different from others the older she has gotten. For example, while her class would go to French class she would go to Braille. She didn’t tell anyone about her disease. She didn’t want to tell anyone, because she did not want to be treated different. Things were going fine…show more content…
With support and care thru his parents he set up Jaylen’s Challenge an online resource for support and information. Later when people found out about this they wanted to know him, interview him people who worked for the paper wanted to get a story from him. Then an amazing thing happen, people internationally find out about him and his voice. So international that Prince Harry and Prince William know about him. “It is really, really cool and I am still trying to process it,” Arnold says. As a person who doesn 't get bullied I feel very happy and proud for him to be going from people laughing at him school to the Princes of England knowing him. Since he got recognition from Prince Harry and Prince William he was welcomed to go to the special ceremony held by the Diana Award charity at St. James’s Palace in London on Thursday to commemorate their late mother, Princess Diana. Twenty young people from around the world who have made an important on society will be recipients of the Legacy

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