Workplace Bullying In Nursing

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The study result shows that 27.8% of the 234 novice nurses experienced workplace bullying, and 38.9% have witnessed other people became bully targets in the unit, which comparing with researches have done abroad with an incidence rate of 55%~65% is lower (Berry et al., 2012; Griffin, 2004), which may due to Taiwan's national conditions, nursing cultural background and degree of awareness of bullying. Most of the novice nurses are women, who are asked to have the virtues of sacrifice and devoting, and have an attitude of respect and obedience to the senior and superior by traditional education, in which, 6.8% of people will respond to the supervisor, and only 5.1% will come forward, therefore, most people choose to avoid confronting
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Scholars also pointed out that social support is a bridge between employees and organizations. Through interpersonal interaction and assistance, we can not only meet the employees' feelings, self-esteem appreciation, belonging and security needs, but also help them to enhance their resilience in confronting with challenges, pressures, and difficulties, have been considered that receiving support from supervisor and peer can directly help employees to cope with workplace stress (Cheryl, 2009). Nursing work required professional training, problems or tough situations encountered in workplace, in contrast to the friends or family, colleagues, close preceptors or unit supervisors may exchange experiences and recognize each other which is important force to help the novice nurse get through an adaptation phase independently (Kerber, et al., 2015).Hutchinson et al. (2008) suggest that the organizational characteristics of the nursing workplace are a very important prerequisite factor in nursing WPB model. The factors such as tolerance, awareness, legitimate power and rules are over-used in the workplace bullying, therefore, starting from each unit, from the supervisors to each colleague, establish awareness and cognitive of bullying situational, and introspect whether exceeding of authority and limitation in speech or attitude to others have caused bullying behavior, moreover establish anti-bullying workplace atmosphere are important steps to solve WPB.As administrative directors, regularly investigate the workplace bullying, setup counseling hotlines, provide staff care and help promptly, to create a safe and "zero-tolerance workplace bullying" working environment are positive, aggressive direction to go
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