Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave

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Historically and scientifically, surviving and competing is human nature, but to deprive it of one another is immoral. The bullying behavior derives from extremely self-centered individuals, and it is easily influenced and adaptive because people are self-preserved, which can lead to hindering others to survive. The immoral behavior is a nationwide problem, and in order for the matter to be resolved, it must start at home [America]. The Americans forcibly took Africans from their homeland for free labor and trained them in the most horrible way to obey. In the 1800’s, Frederick Douglass writes a book about his experience as an African American slave titled, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,” and reveals slaves were nearly whipped to death for disobeying their master, and both the master and slave were affected by the institution of slavery (0). Consequently, the enslavement of the minority was easily accepted and enforced in America. During the time of slavery, America was trying to build a prosperous nation, indeed this is a self-preserved behavior, but is it right? The bullying behavior has lingered in today’s society. No doubt, bullies, and its victims are negatively affected by the immoral behavior of irresponsible power in today’s society, and in order to have a resolution,…show more content…
I worked at a large convenience store as a stocker and was taken advantage of my good work ethics. The supervisor ironically thanks me for it. He giggles and says, “Congratulation, you have done well, I now promote you to do more work!” Instead of being responsible for having the laid-back employees do their work, he commands me to do it for them. In complaining about it, he punishes me with more work. Constantly being overworked, I become wheelchair-bound for two weeks. I was injured with tendonitis from shoulders to legs and could hardly move my
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