The Importance Of Burning The American Flag

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“A riot is the language of the unheard.” Words from one of the most successful, yet peaceful protesters, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today in America there are riots occurring daily. These riots had actually started as protests and escalated quickly. American citizens have the right to do so, thanks to the Constitution. However, these so-called protests have spiraled out of control and peaceful protests are a thing of the past. In past protest, people have made signs and have marched, in today 's situation people are burning the American flag. It should be illegal, right? The sad news is that it is one hundred percent legal. It should be illegal to burn the flag because it is a symbol of America and freedom, it is disrespectful, and it is an important part in history.
What would happen if someone tried to rip up or burn the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? Someone would have to face some serious consequences. Why should it be so different with the flag? The flag is a symbol of America and freedom. If we no longer had the flag what could
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Although burning the American should be illegal, it is not. According to the Law Dictionary, the only thing that someone can be charged with is setting a fire without a permit. Burning the American Flag is protected by the first amendment, which gives the right to express ourselves. However, burning the Stars and Stripes is taking freedom of speech a little too far. There are other ways to protest Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a prime example. He promoted peace and achieved equal rights for African Americans. He never burned an American flag, he respected the flag. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that his followers should also respect the flag. He marched peacefully, he never started a riot. He received more attention than the riots are causing around the country. He went down in history in a positive way and the protest that occurring today won’t be remembered. Why do we feel as if we don 't riot we won 't be
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