The Importance Of Business And Ethics In Business

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Business and ethics today are always intertwined. A company success and reputation used to only be linked to revenue, performances, innovation in the past. However, in today society what the company brings to the community and stand for; basically, their ethics is a big part of their success. Ethics are a set of moral principle and a guiding philosophy according to the Merriam Webster dictionary online. To dive deeper into it from a business perspective ethics are how a company conduct its business affair. Ethics have become prominent in the business world because customers want the company performing services for them to go above and beyond. Also, as wells having a good ethical reputation gives you advantage over your competitors. This demand from customers is not random as Lieberman, 2012, p. 48 states “There are many professional ethics codes, primarily because people realize that law prescribes only a minimum of morality and does not provide purpose or goals that can mean excellent service to customers, clients, or patients.” As the quote shows ethics in business does not just have to do with doing what’s legal because that’s the minimum; it’s going above and beyond.…show more content…
Altough that’s true something unethical such as dumping chemical in the river might save you money instead disposing of them the correct way; it might affect you in the long term and make you lose more money in multiple ways such as law suits, loss of customers and government penalty. In the long term unethical action might turn to be detrimental toward a business. A business viewed as unethical is unnatractive not just to customers but to employee. No one wants to work for a company with bad reputation; you run the risk of losing talented human ressources to rival which further plunges a business in
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