The Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

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What is ethics and what really is business ethics? First of all, ethics in general is the study of standards of behavior which promote human welfare and what is often called the good. Business ethics is the study of standards of behavior which promote human welfare and “the good” but it is business behavior that is especially concern a business ethics. Besides, it also known as the system of laws and guidelines by which business professionals and corporations operate in a fair, legal, and moral fashion.
In this situation pretending I am Helen, the head of purchase and procurement department. My answer obviously is no and she should not accept the gifts in this situation. The reasons are the gift gave by Mr. Jackson are too expensive. As one of the employee of the company, Helen must not accept gift from customers or suppliers unofficially. Besides, if she accepted the gift from Mr. Jackson, other employees in the company will create misunderstanding between Mr. Jackson and Helen. Rumors will apparently appear in the company. Peoples will misunderstand Helen that she will choose to buy the computers from Mr. Jackson’s company due to accepting gift from him. It will eventually spoil the image or reputation of the company. Peoples usually judge what people by its cover and what they see. So, Helen should be more careful on what choice she made because people tend to play company politics in the company which mean people will find any mistakes of her and talked behind her. To
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