The Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

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When speaking about ethics many people think that we are talking about the business as a whole, when in fact it applies to the individuals working within businesses. Each individual 's action within the company affects the entire company, not just the individual. When an employee acts ethically and responsibly, it helps the entire organization. Business ethics are more than just words used to strengthen the image of a company; they are the infrastructure of success. “Importance of Ethics in Business” Ethics is not only about obeying rules; it’s about how individuals act in a business, especially the top mangers because if they do something that is unethical it could damage their business and their chances of being successful. For example, if a manager is paying his employees less than their normal salary, the employees might face severe financial problems, even worse they could leave the business and move somewhere else where they don’t feel abused and taken advantage of “Importance of Ethics in Business”. This would also affect the business’s production because they will no longer do their tasks effectively and efficiently due to the lack of employees. It is very unfortunate if the employees in the top levels in the business, such as top managers, decide to act unethically, so it is best for a business to be careful who they promote within their company. “Importance of Ethics in Business” Unethical behavior has a huge impact on the business, so it is very unethical to
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