The Importance Of Business Ethics In Indonesia

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Research Background Ethics is one of the major concerns in business field nowadays, however, it is still often misunderstood. The area of business ethics manages questions about whether particular practices are acceptable or not. Actions that is taken in every situation (in this case, in the business practices) will often be seen as either right or wrong, or either ethical or unethical regardless of their legality. Furthermore, professional misconduct or unprofessional behavior is becoming more common through the days (Onyebuchi, 2011). As accounting is also in the field of business, in assessing its ethics, business ethics is used. However, there has been disagreement in the literature on ethics education need for accountancy students (McDonald and Donleavy, 1995; Piper et al., 1993; Peppas and Diskin, 2001).…show more content…
According to Transparency International (2016), Indonesia has a low score of Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) with a score of 36. Low CPI score means that the level of corruption in one country is bad. In the research done by Transparency International, which includes 168 countries in early 2016, Indonesia has been ranked 88, which is over than half of the total countries. The country in the first CPI position is the least corrupted (in 2016, it is Denmark with score of 91), whereas the one in the last position is the most corrupted (in 2016, it is tie between North Korea and Somalia with score of

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