The Importance Of Business Ethics In The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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Business ethics Business ethics are principles that guide the managers’ day to day running of a business. They are set of rules that managers follow consciously or subconsciously in their daily interaction with their customers. The hospitality and tourism industry is a multibillion dollar industry that involves service industry which includes lodging, event planning, game parks transportation, and restaurant and hotel operations, among others. It’s an industry that entails the provision of services that involves leisure activity in general. In this industry; business ethics and standards normally differ in relation to the environment and time the services are being offered (Joseph Weiss, 2008, Pg, 78).This creates about of challenges the mangers have to deal with to keep in line with the required ethical principles as they try to make profit. This paper highlights the challenge managers’ face in their daily routine of making profit while keeping in line with the required ethical boundaries of hospitality and tourism industry. Huimin and Rayan (2011) believes that hotel managers or senior officials in the hospitality and tourism industry have a broader interests than just making profits only. He reiterates that managers ought to have a sober responsibility and obligation beyond the interests of employers or shareholders. The fulfillment of these obligations goes hand in hand with the

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