The Importance Of Buying A Sorority

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It has been a long running myth that the Greek community is the place to go if you want to buy friends. When I ask people why they did not rush a sorority the most common response is; “ I do not want to pay for my friends.”

First, what does buying friends mean? From an outsider’s perspective I understand why they might feel like this. I am a Chi Omega at East Carolina University and I pay $700 a semester. Clearly, we do pay a big price in order to be a member of a sorority. But buying friends means that you pretty much pay for them to hang out with you. That is not the case at all. Joining a sorority may have introduced me to 157 other girls, but it did not automatically make me best friends with them. No matter how much money you have
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I pay for the venues that hold our social events and the delicious food they feed us every day. When a sorority holds a formal it costs approximately $10,000 so a good portion of the dues we pay are for the events we hold. The events are held at nice hotels and restaurants, our most recent formal was at the Hilton and we get served filet minion. It was one of the best nights I have had here at school. According to National PanHellenic rules, we are allowed to have six socials per semester. Everyone looks forward to these weeks in advance and even starts planning their outfits! The last social we had was at Still Life, the biggest club around, with my favorite fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The whole place is closed to the public during these three hours. Each social has a theme, and this one was the 70’s. These socials are so much fun because you are introduced to new guys, and before you know it they become your closest friends. I pay for the adorable shirts that come along with every event. Who wouldn’t want a big colorful shack shirt to remember the memories from an event? I pay for my philanthropy events. We hold two a year and our money goes to planning and actually hosting the event. My chapter just raised $14,000 for Make-A-Wish from our golf tournament last
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