The Influence Of CAPD In Language

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We are surrounded by stimuli which provides us with information that is crucial to us on a daily basis. This information comes in a variety of ways; either visually through written words, pictures and other media, or presented through spoken word. Unfortunately, sometimes a person is not capable of appropriately interpreting and organizing the information he captures through the senses. Some people are not able to analyze and use this information appropriately to interact and respond adequately to multiple stimuli in the environment. Sometimes a person is labeled clumsy because cannot interpret and integrate the visual clues to guide his movements, for example, he bumps into or knocks over objects he does not recognize were there or put his or hand on a hot burner, instead he might have thought he put his hand on the counter. Situations like this are not only one of the biggest safety hazzards for this type of person but they can also affect all areas of a person's life. One of these areas is learning where many times people early in life are labeled as suffering from ADD, being lazy, or just students who indulge in disruptive behavior to call their classmates' attention. Sometimes the cause is totally different and beyond the student's control.One of the causes can…show more content…
Adults with diseases that affect the CNS and children with developmental disorders of language or learning disorders have difficulty understanding spoken language, even when they have knowledge of it. If any of these individuals in addition to their condition had a DPAC latter certainly contribute significantly to their understanding problems. Thus, patients with a lesion in the right hemisphere temporal and parietal area have difficulty in analyzing acoustic information as well as pitch, loudness, tempo, and rhythm in speech which help us understand the structure and meaning of an utterance..( Rhawn,
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