The Importance Of Car Safety

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Car safety is something which is extremely important because the roads which we drive on are much more dangerous than what we think. You might think you are a safe driver, and maybe you are, but how about other drivers? Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of cars are on our roads making the causes of a car accident very likely. That is why car safety is so crucial. An important thing such as car safety should be obligatory, will it is now, but 50 years ago seat belts, airbags, cradle zones were not.

During a car crash, at the moment of the impact, passengers in the car are still traveling at the vehicle’s original speed. Just after the car rapidly stops, the people not wearing the seat belt will slam into the windshield. In fact, this is the primary reason for an accident in all motor vehicle accidents. The seat belts we are familiar with our days are separated into two parts. The first part rests over the passenger’s body, and the second one rests over the solder and across the chests.
For the reason of car crashes, they invented modern seatbelt that could save many people lives. They are fixed using a three-point system. Two points are attached to the floor, and the other comes across the body attach to the ceiling of the car. Seat belts attach your body mass to that of the car, meaning that when the car accelerates or decelerates, you will also do. Were it not for seat belts, your body will be acted by Newton’s First Law. That states that objects continue to move

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