The Importance Of Car Safety: The History Of The Car

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Do you know the history of the machine you use every single day of your life? Most likely you don´t. But most importantly, the history of its safety. The car as we know it was created in 1870 by Siegfried Marcus, who built the first gasoline powered combustion engine. Through time cars have suffered a whole lot of changes which some are more important than other, like safety. Some examples are the Seat belt which was invented by English engineer George Cayley in the mid-19th century and the Air bag which was invented by John W. Hetrick in 1951. In this essay we are going to be discussing the importance of safety and touch some sensible spots on the corrupt Mexican government by accepting and producing cars which don´t pass the minimum safety requirements The first experimental seatbelt was installed in 1948 and this safety requirements weren’t common until 1950s to 1960s. Even after thousands of deaths, the seatbelt mandatory law was achieved until 1984. And the airbag followed the legislation on 1989. In 1949, Chrysler Crown Imperial became the first automobile to be equipped with standard disc brakes. In 1927 laminated glass, or safety glass, was used in windshields to prevent them from shattering on impact. The UN was also part of the history of car safety after establishing the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations in 1958. The forum aims in the establishment of international standards for the advancement of auto safety. Most of the reliable lifesaving

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