The Importance Of Career Counselling

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Career Counselling Career Counselling is the process by which the client will be empowered through the gain of greater understanding of themselves through various ways. One main way would be through the role of assessments carried out by a professionally trained counsellor. This paper will explore the purpose of assessments as well as the various responsibilities that come along with carrying it out. Assessments are an important and necessary element of career counselling as it enables am clearer understanding of the client. Its main purpose is to find out what the issues are, which would then allow the counsellor to come out with a plan (Lilienfeld & O’Donohue, 2012). The purpose of assessment is to understand the client’s issues as well…show more content…
A working relationship is very important, as the counsellor needs to work together with the client for the development and achievement of the client’s goals (Lim, R., 2004). Part of the professional responsibility of a counsellor is to understand and accept the client. This includes providing help for the client to develop self-confidence in planning his/her own career. Through this they should be able to gain a sense of authority over their own career plan, which ultimately, should be respected rather than judged by the counsellor. Professionally, the counsellor should have a good ,well-rounded knowledge of the current job market and be able to link it to the client’s cultural background (Post, A., Borgen, W., Amundson, N., & Washburn, C., 2002). Being able to do this would demonstrate a deeper understanding of the client, which would aid in the process of gaining credibility and trustworthiness in the client’s eyes.. These factors that need to be considered and presented to the client would be the current labour market information merged with client self-awareness as well as all the pros and cons of each possible choice. Helping the client link together all these factors that could affect their career, would help to make a career decision based on proper and…show more content…
These assessments are useful to facilitate the decision making process, but it has to be carried out along with the responsibilities that come with it. There are responsibilites for each step of the assessment process. Prior to starting the assessment, the client need to have full awareness of what it entails as well as the limitations. Clients need to have a proper and clear explanation provided concerning the purpose of the assessment. The assessment should not begin until the client is clear on what it is and what it is for. The counsellor also needs to ensure he/she is properly qualified to carry out the specific assessment (Ajagbawa, H., 2014). Along with competence, the counsellor needs to be honest in the administeration of the assessment. Also, it has to comply with the laws of the specific region in order to ensure to protection and safety of the client. These are all necessities to comply to before starting the assessment process and most importantly, client consent must be given prior to

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