The Importance Of Career Development

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Career development is crucial because it reveals an influence on current and future career development and also provides the incorporate strategies and techniques that are appropriate for the secondary students. Therefore career development theories provide the basis for career counsellors to have a better understanding of particular strategies, approaches and tools there by meeting the needs of school students (Canadian career development foundation, 2011). In essence theory influences practice (Mational Guidance Research Forum, 2010). Career development theories also provide the guidance to purpose. Theories also provide the role of foundations for explaining career behaviors with students related to career problems. However the point of intention about career development theories is the argument present by Whiston and Brecheisen (2002) as to which theory is appropriate in developing the career of secondary school students. Career development refers to both the factors and the processes influencing individual career behaviour and as synonymous with interventions in career behaviour. The term career development, as used in the title of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), had increasingly come to describe both the total constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, economic, and chance factors that combine to shape individual career behaviour over the life span (Sears, 1982) and the interventions or practices that are used "to enhance
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