The Importance Of Career In Accounting

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Career is a lifelong process from the experiences gained and satisfied by achieving greater responsibility, power and progression on career path. Tadic (2005) objectively defines it by getting the first job. It is a prominent connection between an individual and organization. Furthermore, career may be dependent on the individual’s explanation as the sequence of attitude and behavior related to the working experience. In relation with this, career choice may be aided by a person’s commercial awareness. In order to determine an advantageous career in the accounting profession, an applicant must possess a high level of commercial awareness. An understanding regarding the business operations and the knowledge of an organization’s external environment is defined as commercial awareness (University of Kent, n.d.). This also provides further knowledge on different careers that increases the consciousness on job opportunities and it is considered as one of the significant criteria for job application. Relative to this, one of the top ten skill shortage of graduates is commercial awareness according to the Association of Graduates Recruiters’ survey (as cited in the University of Kent). However, enhancing the skill may provide an edge in job application. There are various skills needed to be qualified for a job as an accountant that will be evaluated in job applications. Calundang (2014) agrees to the fact that passing the Licensure Examination does not entail a great advantage
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